5 ways to say YES to a new Personal Brand

3 min readApr 10, 2019

Building an audience, in person, or online can be a time consuming and tedious task; here are some of the simple ways to make this task matter.

Engaging with your audience is number one when building your own personal brand.

In this modern world of online living, digital content and digital socialising, we all get bombarded now with information and imagery that may or may not clearly represent the sender, or more importantly, who they want us to see them as.

What catches our eye creates engagement. You too only have seconds to catch the eye of your audience… so make it count.

If you fail to connect with your audience, they may miss the positive messages you are sending and find the less impressive or even negative messages out there about you. That pic on Facebook you wish wasn’t taken, the old conviction or angry client.

These negative images, or “brand stories” hurt, and not just feelings. Jobs are lost, promotions given to others and millions of dollars in lost business can go down the drain all due to (often) the misrepresentation of your personal brand.

You should be prepared and represent yourself regularly online.

So, here are my top five tips for engaging with your audience, whoever they may be.

  1. Be yourself

We are shown daily a barrage of imagery that shows perfect people doing perfect things with their perfect bodies and perfect children all immaculately dressed in their perfect clothing. We decide that this must be real and furthermore, it must be attainable. This is simply not the case. What we are shown less of is REAL people and we crave it. We loose heart and switch off. The influencer just lost influence. . When you show the world your real self, doing real things, you become relatable. Your audience can see you and immediately feel they understand you.They too have had the bad day, or the child covered in food. Be yourself and let others relate to the real you.

2. Use imagery

These days imagery is the centre of our world. We get news from headlines and bullet points and choose a lifestyle based on Instagram pics. Gone are the days where words rule people. All you need now is a camera and a regular upload of creative imagery to be famous. Don’t be fooled into thinking any picture will work though. Make sure you take your time with your images and select thoughtfully, as once they go online, they are there forever. Many companies have already discovered the benefits of infographics. These can be beneficial for individuals too! Check out this simple infographic from YESpbms blog (Infographic example)

3. Be honest

You can create a sense of continuity with honesty that simply cannot be created through lies. People want to follow your story, you are interesting, there is no need to make it up. You become far more relatable through your true story than a false version you make up. They want to feel your pain, see the fat before you loose it. Remember, “reality TV” is far from reality, but many think it is and watch it for the journey.

4. Give others positive feedback

Just like you, others respond well to positive feedback. Find ways to complement or at the very least engage with people. Ask questions, show interest, go so far as to send a personal email. All this effort will not be ignored, your friends, colleagues and acquaintances will love being noticed and in return you will get noticed. Do the same online. Comment on Blogs you enjoy and share them. Back-linking is the new “meet n greet” or “mixer”. Share the love and the love will be shared right back.

5. Be consistent, be regular

The most important thing to remember when building your profile online and trying to engage with your audience is consistency. Whether you are writing a blog, posting on social media or simply emailing your friends. People respond well to the regularity of your message or story. If you are not able to post content or send messages all the time, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of sending dozens of messages in one day, then disappear for weeks before you are heard from again.